Family Burial Challange

Family Burial Challange

Due to social distancing rule, a family in Meru was in a dilemma on how to perform the burial rites of their polygamous patriarch.

The challenge facing the family of Zakayo Migwi, who according to relatives died barely five months short of his 99th birthday, was how to conduct the funeral in line with the government regulations and protocols.

Due to the small size of the compound, social distancing was impossible, and few had masks on.

 “Only 36 of my siblings attended the burial, plus four wives and 300 grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The coronavirus regulations dictate that only close family should be at a burial, which made many friends and extended family miss,” said Isaiah Migwi.

As a result, the police watched helplessly and understandably so, as the burial ceremony took place surpassing the stipulated number.


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