Kenya among countries with highest coronavirus cases

Kenya among countries with highest coronavirus cases

The Covid-19 outbreak, has continued to progress in the African region, with the numbers of new cases and deaths rapidly increasing the past month.

Kenya is among 10 countries in Africa that account for 84 per cent of coronavirus cases in the continent.

Data from World Health Organisation(WHO) shows that South Africa remained the epicentre of the outbreak in the region, consistently registering the highest daily cases which now standing at more than 6,000 cases daily in the past weeks.

 As of June 30, WHO reported that South Africa had 151 209 cases, Nigeria (25,694), Ghana (17,741), Algeria (13 907), Cameroon (12,592), Côte d’Ivoire (9,214), Democratic Republic of Congo (7,039), Senegal (6,793), Kenya (6,366) and Ethiopia (5,848).

On July 5, President Uhuru commended the continent's concerted response to Covid-19 saying measures being implemented by African countries are helping slow down it’s spread.

 The President said despite limited resources, the continent had rolled out proactive measures that were helping save lives.

 "Africa has responded to Covid-19 much better than most other parts of the world, particularly when you consider its relatively weaker resource base. For a continent with 1.2 billion people, we have about 400,000 confirmed cases and just over 10,000 deaths. For comparison, that is about 15 per cent of the cases in the United States and 7 per cent of US deaths," he said.

 WHO has urged African countries to continue with strong implementation of comprehensive public health measures in order to slow down this rapid growth in cases.

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