COVID-19: Kenyans to the rescue of former TPF contestant

COVID-19: Kenyans to the rescue of former TPF contestant

The Covid public health crisis has been with us now for months and it appears to spare no one in its wake as it ravages our livelihoods. However, it has provided another opportunity for humanity to rise to the occasion.

Kenyans have come to the rescue of former Tusker Project Fame contestant Alvan Gatitu aka Alvan Love a day after he shared a video highlighting how COVID-19 pandemic has affected him.

In the video shared on Sunday morning, an emotional Alvan narrated how his landlord locked him out of the house at 5 am after failing to pay rent for a couple of months.

Recording the video in the dark and unable to go anywhere due to the curfew directive, Alvan starts by saying, “I’m standing outside here feeling very vulnerable.”

“The reason why I have taken time to record this one, is probably to encourage someone and allow myself to be real about the situation,” narrated Gatitu.

With teary eyes, Alvan continues to narrate how he found his gate and house locked after the landlady and Landlord ‘decided they had their own problems.’

Gatitu, who had his electricity and water cut for more than seven days, says he slept at the guard’s booth as he was out on the street at 5 am.

He adds that attempts to reach the landlord and the manager on the phone were futile. His two closest friends also couldn’t host him as they had issues of their own.

“I had thought another friend could help, but when I reached their gate, he told the guards not to open the gate for me. I explained to the guards, and they let me sleep at their place, so I laid some cartons and slept there,” says Gatitu.

The former TPF contestant concluded the video by saying that being a celebrity does not always mean you have money. He urged Kenyans for help and asked others in stressful situations, not to shy away from seeking help.

A few hours after he posted the emotional video, Alvan posted another clip to appreciate Kenyans, who came through for him.

“Humanity is alive. My day started differently and has ended up in a very different place. I appreciate everyone for the little, and the much you have done.

“I don’t know what to say. There’s a God in heaven. My eyes are red because I am constantly crying. God is good,” said Gatitu.

The pandemic has affected all of us in different ways, so be your brother and sister keeper because sharing is caring.

Source: uReport

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