Upcoming Live TV Show - Join the Show - Join The Panelists

Upcoming Live TV Show - Join the Show - Join The Panelists

TujikingeKE live TvShow comes every Tuesday and Saturdays from 7:30pm to 8:40pm and is aired live on our social media pages. Reach out to us on info@tujikinge.com for a slot in the next show.

Find below our line up of shows for your Participation:


- Saturday, 30/5/20 at 7:30 pm-8:30 pm EAT - live Webinar theme: "Telling Untold Stories - Impact by young people during this Covid-19 Period - MLK" - 5 member Panelists. This show objective is:


Profiling Initiatives and Stories - You are a young person and you are doing something to impact on the people during this Covid-19 pandemic period. We would like to tell your story. Share with us a Video or Post your story article for free on www.tujikinge.com/dashboard and we will tell that story during this show.

Panel Talk - You have done amazing work during the Covid-19 period and you would like to join our panel and talk to people about this. Email us on info@tujikinge.com 

Inspire Young People - You want to see the amazing work done by Young people? Join us and get inspired. 

Show talk on #TujikingeKE #MyLeaderKE


- Tuesday, 2/6/20 at 7:30 pm-8:30 pm EAT - live Webinar theme: "Digital Marketing for Small Businesses During this Covid-19 period". This show objective is:

Experts in Digital Marketing to Share techniques and what can work for small Businesses in Marketing their Businesses online through Digital Marketing.

Showcase some of the Businesses that are currently running and have benefited from Digital Marketing.

To help small and large businesses who are stuck on how to market their products and services online.

Show talk on #TujikingeKE #Freeweb360


- Saturday, 6/6/20 at 7:30 pm-8:30 pm EAT - live Webinar theme: "Giving to the Needy During the Covid-19 Pandemic" - 5 member Panelists. This show objective is:

Raise funds and food for the needy - We aim to feed the families that are badly affected by the pandemic and are not able to fully sustain themselves. Join us as we plan to feed atleast 200 families per week.

Buy Breakfast and/or Dinner -This show will profile stories of break fast and dinner that have already reached our intendend receipients.

Inspire People to stand with the needy - You want to be part of the team that inspires people by giving the little you have? Join us Inspire people and get inspired.

Profile Stories of people and families that have transparently benefited from the program.

Show Detials will be - Panel talking about giving, showcasing stories of change, showcasing the amazing team that have participated in the giving. How to get involved? See Details here

Show talk on #ChakulaMezani #TujikingeKE


- Tuesday, 9/6/20 at 7:30 pm-8:30 pm EAT - live Webinar theme: "Vijana Na Biashara Business Expo & Exhibition". This show objective is:

Profile Youth in Business

Showcase vendors and their profiles.

Showcase products and services by Youth in Business.

Marketing avenue to help Youth improve on their sales and marketing during this period. 

Show talk on #TujikingeKE #VijanaNaBiashara


You would like to join any of the programs above? Simply email info@tujikinge.com or info@mybigorder.com and get involved. 

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