Covid-19 Survivor “Leon”

Covid-19 Survivor “Leon”



He hid his identity and called himself “Leon” . He travelled to Kenya from the USA. He had experienced signs of Covid-19 while still abroad. He travelled back on a Monday and by Sunday he began feeling a bit weak and lost appetite. Leon thought it was because he was exhausted from the travel and therefore he took hot water to ease off. He had fever and sometimes a dry cough that proceeded for three days. He often felt nausea.

Upon coming back, he followed the government’s instruction and went on quarantine maintaining social distancing but the symptoms were continuous. He then started running short of breath and made a decision to seek medical attention at the Agha Khan University Hospital where he was placed under Intensive care unit and isolated under Prof. Reenah Shah, Head of Infectious Diseases, AKUH.

“We placed the patient on oxygen due to shortness of breath but the supplement was not adequate” says Prof. Reenah. In the process the patient felt choked by mucor running out of his lungs, his nose and his throat. He was transferred to an ICU and ventilated for 11 days. Antibiotics were administered to him and fruits given and surprisingly after the eleven days of ventilation he was discharged. He tested negative twice and was free to go home.


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