Inclusion of sanitary towels in the donation package

Inclusion of sanitary towels in the donation package

Despite the donation of foodstuffs, among other items, cooking oil, sugar, salt, beans, flour, soap, and toilet paper as well as a box of fresh fruits and vegetables, Janet Mbugua has invented Inua Dada initiative meant to add sanitary towels among the items packaged to the people in this critical period of COVID-19 pandemic.

Mbugua shared the plan to support women, girls, and families reeling from the economic downturn brought about by the pandemic.

She announced that the first batch of 150 dignity packs would be distributed in Nairobi's Kibra area before hopefully bringing other informal settlements on board.

"Inua Dada is coming in because we already had some essentials that were supposed to go into activations with what we were doing; school visits and community visits giving girls and women who don't have access, access to these dignity kits.

"So I thought because we have these products, why don't we give them to girls, women and families who need them right now?

"Girls who are not in school don't have access to sanitary pads when they would have access to those products in a school setting. Women who are working every day on a daily wage and using some of that money to buy menstrual products don't have access to that now because they've been sent home.

"Men as well, in this setting, also don't have access to some food," she explained.

She noted that after the initial distribution in Kibra, they would seek the support of well-wishers to expand the program to other informal settlements such as Mukuru Kwa Njenga, Korogocho and Kangemi.

She further acknowledged the work of many other Kenyans who had launched similar initiatives to help their compatriots during the crisis.


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